How Can Employers Help?

Although many employers now offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that act as a valuable resource for employees struggling with life’s difficulties and challenges, Womanshelter/Compañeras is unique in our ability to offer comprehensive assistance to both victims, employers and coworkers.

We have the expertise to assess the dangerousness of individual situations. Some behaviors by batterers may provide indicators that can only be identified by experienced counselor/advocates. With 22 years of service, Womanshelter can propose options for both the employee and employer to assist in keeping the workplace safe. Womanshelter/Compañeras works with employers to develop a work environment that encourages victims to disclose violence before that violence claims their lives or threatens the safety of coworkers.

Our consulting work includes:

  • Providing a session for all employees on the dynamics of intimate partner violence and methods to assist their coworkers.
  • Workshop for senior management on recognizing signal that may indicate that an employee is a victim of abuse.
  • Assistance with individually- tailored policy development that will result in increased employee performance, retention and a safer work environment.
  • On-site emergency intervention with victims as requested to provide support and safety planning.
  • To speak with a staff person about how we can assist your company call (413) 538-9717.